I do a bunch of stuff in the StepMania scene. You can check my works on this website.
There's gonna be more stuff added in here, eventually.

StepMania Build Archive

StepMania StepMania 3.9 Mungyodance StepMania AMX DDR EXTREME StepMania 4.0 CVS In The Groove OpenITG NotITG do not SM-SSC (StepMania-Spinal Shark Collective) Club PARASTAR Keys-6ix StepMania 5 Pulsen StepMania 5 Tournament Edition Zettmania

Reliving the past and present of the Dancing Open-Source Revolution.

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Here's my list of themes that i've worked on for OpenITG/NotITG over the years.

Theme Website | GitHub Repository

GitHub Repository

Theme Website | GitHub Repository