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This image is a Blender render!
My name is Jose Luis. I don't want to reveal all of it, although some may already know.
I'm a dude from Mexico, who likes to program, and animate almost everyday. It's my everyday hobby.

Currently On
Right now I'm just around half my first year of University. However, it has been a little struggling because I've been having problems trying to fit.

History with StepMania I keep updating this bit frequently, so it's not done yet!
I started playing StepMania, when I was 4 years old, and then started content for it around 2010-ish...
I mostly found out about the game when I was just wondering about in SourgeForge. I still don't know why I went to that site in the first place.

After downloading the game, I was almost instantly hooked to it. But being someone who always liked to mess around with everything at that age, I started to mess around with almost every thing I saw on the SM folder.

In around 2007, I started doing some small mods to SM3.9, as I started to understand how the BGAnimation files worked.

Now currently I'm some new ground, developing Themes for SM5 based engines, and also creating stuff for the engine itself. The biggest one right now being Project Moondance (Yep, I'm on the team!), which is a rewrite of StepMania 5.1 Beta 2 to be efficient, because, the code of StepMania still has bits from it's birth. I'm in charge of the theme's technical quirks, working togheter with Lirodon -Him being the theme's designer- and also some 3D modeling work, while also doing some new model functions for Characters.

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