Wendsday - February 22nd, 2017

My dog, Princesa.

A Photo of Princesa when she was 5.

A photo of princesa when she was 5.

So, today would be a time to describe some stuff that's been going on recently, this being my dog, Princesa.

Recently, she has been going through a lot, and well, it's coming to an end. It's so sudden that she's leaving this fast, but... man, she just can't keep up anymore.

She was almost 10 years old by May, but... well, looks like life wants her to come a little bit early.

I remember the first day i got Princesa, she was only 3 months old, and she was abandoned somewhere near my house.
My bigger sister found her while she was walking down the street and decided to bring her home, being that she was only that old when she found her.

After that, the whole family have been sharing a lot of memories and stuff, and well, adventures as well...

Last year, we actually faced something that was close to this as well, because she got a problem with her womb, and it had to be removed. From that, she was living a good life, until the 27th of January, 2017.
She suddenly got a really bad problem and currently we don't even know what cause it.
During our trip, i was alone with her, when she started to shake her legs a lot, and i didn't knew what was going on. So i decided to bring her outside to let her do her business.

But, she didn't do nothing, so we continued on. Until the night.

At the night of that same day, it's when problems started. She just started to vomit every 5 minutes and each vomit it camed more and more liquid than the last, and we just didn't know.
The place that we were at the moment this happened, didn't had any vet's that had surgery equipment, so we canceled our trip and headed straight back to Veracruz, to see what was going on.

When we arrived, the doctor managed to calm her down, to a good state, in which it seemed that everyting was ok, until this last saturday, on the 18th of Febrary, where she got unxecpectedly worse relatively quickly.
And well, after that, we just didn't knew what to do, every time the doctor applied medicine to her, it just made it worse after that.

The doctor later noticed that there was a strange explosion of dots all around her, and her skin started to get white.
Nothing could be really be done after that aside from having a surgery, which would have her face to more epileptic attacks in the future. And we just didn't want that.

And so, today, on 22th of February, 2017, at 16:44 P.M. she passed away,

I will remember her, cause she was always with me all the time, no matter what, because well, it was always a good time with her, being at my side, all the time, even at the though moments i've lived so far.