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Current Works / Projects

Current Projects that I'm involved in the community that I am working on.

StepMania Character Models

Occasionally, I made Dancing Character Models for StepMania. These range a lot of what they are. (Mostly are video game characters from franchises I love.)
If you'd like to get them, this is the spot.

StepMania Archive

This is a side project I've manually maintain to archive and preserve almost everything from StepMania, and the contents made by the community itself.

Project Moondance

Project Moondance is an effort to develop a modern, open source engine specifically for multi-platform rhythm video games, as well as a suite of games which showcase its capabilities.

However, OutFox (the current rewrite) is only the first stage of our plans: “Serene” is a future project that will significantly refactor StepMania to make it a true video game engine for rhythm games, with wide support for various game play styles and input schemes, including touchscreens.

Project Diva: Stepping Revision Project (SM5 theme)

The entire purpose of this little project is to make a Theme for StepMania that goes around the style of the Project Diva games, while giving it its own spin on it. It is mostly a 1st and Append mix of styles right now. Later on I plan on adding more.

Alongside this theme, I'm also porting some of the Project Diva models so they can be used as Dancing Characters in StepMania. This is to acommodate alongside one of the menu features in PD:SR, which is the inclusion of a random character inside a room in the menu background.

In The Groove 2 Conversion/Recreation (SM5 theme)

A Semi-Conversion/Recreation of In The Groove 2 to StepMania 5.

This is an attempt of recreating In The Groove 2's overall theme into the StepMania 5 engine. This attempts to make (at most if possible) a 1:1 recreation of the original theme.

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