Theme List for OpenITG / NotITG

This is a list of available themes for OpenITG and NotITG.
The list will be updated regularly if more are found.

If one of these theme's original links gets down, please notify me via my Discord, to add a backup link. ( Jose_Varela#2404 )

Theme Author Latest Version OpenITG/NotITG Compatible Notes Preview
SIMPLY LOVE GOODER (Jose's Unofficial Visual Modification) Jose_Varela (Site) v6 (Details) (2017/06) NotITG V2 A mayor visual modification to SIMPLY LOVE GOODER by TaroNuke, which is a modification of SIMPLY LOVE by hurtpiggypig and Mad Matt. SIMPLY LOVE GOODER (Jose's Unofficial Visual Modification)
Dance With Intensity Jose_Varela (Site) v1.4.5 (2017/09/06) NotITG A recreation of Dance With Intensity, a 2003 DDR Simulator created by SimWolf. Dance With Intensity
GrooveNights Jayce Newton & Cameron Ball Main (2014/01/18) OpenITG Beta 2 No more updates have been released since 2014... GrooveNights
ITG Retro Jayce Newton Main (2012/07/30) OpenITG Beta 2 A ITG Theme around 8-Bit retro graphics. ITG Retro
Simply Love hurtpiggypig Final (2013/03/31) OpenITG Beta 2 A theme based around the simplicity. It is the most commonly used ITG Theme to date. Simply Love
In The Groove Tactics Mad Matt 2010/12/04 OpenITG Beta 2 A theme based on Final Fantasy Tactics. In The Groove Tactics
In The Groove: Meat Mad Matt 2013/05/13 OpenITG Beta 2
A theme based on Super Meat Boy. In The Groove: Meat
In The Groove Empress tweak 2010/01/16 OpenITG Beta 2 A theme based on IIDX. In The Groove Empress
In The Groove 3 LightningXCE 2013/05/30 OpenITG Beta 2 A theme based on what In The Groove 3 would look like. In The Groove 3

Special thanks to Ky_Dash for finding the ITG Retro theme.