Past Works

The entire purpose of this little project is to make a Theme for StepMania that goes around the style of the Project Diva games, while giving it its own spin on it. It was mostly a 1st and Append mix of styles.

Alongside this theme, I also ported some of the Project Diva models so they can be used as Dancing Characters in StepMania. This is to acommodate alongside one of the menu features in PD:SR, which is the inclusion of a random character inside a room in the menu background.
You can find those in my StepMania Dancing Characters.

A Semi-Conversion/Recreation of In The Groove 2 to StepMania 5. This attempts to make (at most if possible) a 1:1 recreation of the original theme.

This is a almost exact recreation of Dance With Intensity, a 2001-2003 DDR simulator created by SimWolf. There were of course a bit of features along the way, that wouldn't see the light of day, due to limitations on OpenITG's part. This theme's code has been updated overtime to also work alongside NotITG.

This was a work of porting and completing an old 2006 theme that was abandonded by is06, who wanted to make a SuperNova-Like theme for Stepmania 3.9.

If I could know who were the original people involved into this project, I would like to show them this port, and say thanks for making this theme, even if it wasn't completed at all, because it was one that really hooked me, and it impressed me by the level of detail and care.