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SIMPLY LOVE GOODER (Jose's Unofficial Visual Modification)

Yep, we’re going for this.

This is a mayor visual modification to SIMPLY LOVE GOODER by TaroNuke, which is a modification of SIMPLY LOVE by hurtpiggypig and Mad Matt.

It includes:

  • New Music
  • New Animations
  • New Visual Styles
  • Aesthetics
  • New Judgment fonts
  • Support for 4:3, 16:9 and even 8:3

New Version is now NotITG Exclusive, as it now uses a lot of features from NITG.

You can download the new version here.

SIMPLY LOVE GOODER (Jose's Unofficial Visual Modification) - Version 6 - Details

ChangeLog (Version 6 - "Details")

  • Added Detailed System Info
  • This includes useful data that can help you when dealing with problems in #troubleshooting. Including with this menu is the option to send it to the log, so you can copy the information.

  • Distraction Free Mode
  • If you're playing a marathon long song, this mode will activate. What it does is that it reverses the Judgment, Combo, BPM and Hold tweens to the original SL tweens, so it doesn't get distracting in the hard segments. == It can be toggled off via the SLG(JUVM) Options menu. ==

  • Remade progressbar for Text
  • I had to because text display was a mess.

  • Halfway Indicator
  • On gameplay, when you're at the middle of the song, the overlay will tell you. == It can be toggled off via the SLG(JUVM) Options menu. ==

  • Tips
  • These are displayed on the home screen. It can give you some useful things to do in the theme or in the game. == It can be toggled off via the SLG(JUVM) Options menu. ==

  • The Window title picks a random phrase chosen by the UKSRT discord. Chaos ensues.

  • Menus Remade
  • They needed a change, so yeah.

  • StepArtist Coloring
  • Specific Stepartists will change color on the files that contain their name.

  • Detail+
  • A new Game Mode that takes the normal game mode, and provides detailed information about your play.

  • Most Music/SFX changed
  • These were changed with some new sound effects, and a new song for the Style selection menus.

  • Automatic Noteskin Detection
  • Now you don't need to edit ModsMaster.Noteskin to add noteskins. Now every noteskin in the Dance folder will be shown.

  • Song Current/Total Time in Gameplay
  • In Gameplay, now you can see how long are you in the song, and how long the song is.

  • Static Selection of Backgrounds
  • (Requested by CosmicLAER) Ever wanted that the background you liked, stayed with you all week? Now you can. == It can be selected via the SLG(JUVM) Options menu. ==

  • SLG(JUVM) Options
  • Now you can change several options of the theme via this new menu on the options.

  • Stuff Reverted to Original/Recovered
  • - Readme
  • - Note Draw Distance

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