StepMania 3.9 OpenITG Alpha 6 - Change Log

OpenITG, alpha 6 (May 30th, 2008, r364)

First off, sorry for the late release. Migraines are totally disabling things. :/ I've learned about putting this project before my health from the strep infection, though, and at least it's out today.

I didn't catch a dumb mistake of mine before release, and pat can't recompile until later, so you'll have to manually exit ScreenArcadeStart or it'll keep reloading. Not too much trouble, just press Start to get out.

This is later than I expected it would be, but that's okay, since we spent a lot of time working on bug-fixing. Every bug from 3.95 should be fixed now, as well as a few major ones we got in development. We also added a few tweaks and features that we agreed would be useful/good to have, so read on and see what the new build has to offer. :)

The backported InputFilter is gone, due to the problems it caused. The InputDebounceTime code was implemented from CNLohr's 3.9 AC6 build, and seems to work fine, so I think we can settle on that.

InputHandler_PIUIO's Linux kernel-call function isn't ready for a release, and we're overdue for one, so it's been reverted to the old Write/Read functions. As a result, it still performs poorly on r11+ machines with USB 1.1. Sorry about that. (For reference, the handler's SVN revision is r288).

ITGIO is still Read()-only and still needs development. I haven't had the time or the gasoline, so if you have access to an upgrade, please contact us.

The rest of the code is actually quite sexy. Check it out.

One last thing (sorry to bore you like this) - arcade builds are available for Windows/Linux in the SVN [] - check "program" and "linux" respectively.

-Code structure changes: New metrics in ScreenGameplay: New preferences: New game commands: Linux changes: Win32 changes: Misc. changes: Fixed bugs: