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StepMania 3.0 Beta 5 Release Post
Posted by Chris - August 5, 2002
During the last two weeks that the web site was down, the team has been hard at work adding new features and fixing broken functionality (you can see that the change list below is very long!). With all the changes in Beta 5, there will definitely be new bugs. Please post your experiences and bugs reports to the DDRManiaX or Melting Pot boards. I'm in SoCal right now on a week-long vacation, but I'll be lurking around the boards. If there are any major problems, hopefully Fieza, Bruno, or Dro would be kind enough to take a stab at the problem and release a patch.

I just want to say thanks again to everyone who is helping with this project. It's a wonderful feeling to have so many intelligent and talented people pooling their knowledge and efforts. As always, we're looking for more talented people. If you are interested in helping (and especially if you're a programmer), please drop me a line.

Props again to TofuBoy for his Konami-quality graphics work, Frieza for getting EZ2Dancer to work with little/no help from me, Bruno for his work on extra stage and the music wheel, and Warrior Bob for working on some real documentation.

By the way, there are two Pump songs to the download page for your testing enjoyment.

Changes (in no particular order):

OPTIMIZATION: Much faster song loading.
BUG FIX: New hashing algorithm prevents multiple songs from hashing to the same cache file.
BUG FIX: "Select Group" screen now only displays songs and groups available in the current style (instead of all songs).
BUG FIX: Opening a "(NEW)" sequence in Edit/Record/Synch mode with a style over 4 panels (such as dance-solo or ez2-single) now works.
BUG FIX: Oni life meter finished.
NEW FEATURE: Theme support. See readme for more info.
BUG FIX: Stop times now read correctly again in BMSs.
BUG FIX: #SOLO steps in DWIs now read correctly.
OPTIMIZATION: Startup time greatly reduced thanks to hiding the log window and SM parsing optimizations
CHANGE: Display resolution and max texture size sliders re-enabled
NEW FEATURE: Refresh rate slider
NEW FEATURE: 0.5x, 0.75x scroll speed
NEW FEATURE: Song rates up to 1.5X
NEW FEATURE: Effect Mini
CHANGE: Now hold L&R while pressing start to change sort on Select Music
CHANGE: Combo display now draws behind notes
BUG FIX: Stage counter reset after fail (thanks Andy)
BUG FIX: Roulette chooses from only last preferred group
BUG FIX: Fail End of Song setting doesn't get stuck at end of song.
CHANGE: Back button must now be held for 1/2 a second to prevent accidental presses.
BUG FIX: No more slowdown when song background showing song background (I think).
BUG FIX: Fixed clipping problems related to scroll speed
BUG FIX: Hold notes no longer jitter at certain scroll speeds
NEW FEATURE: During gameplay: F8 = toggle AutoPlay
NEW FEATURE: During gameplay: F9 = decrease offset, F10 = increase offset,
NEW FEATURE: During gameplay: F11 = decrease BPM of current segment, F12 = increase BPM of current segment.
NEW FEATURE: After changing Offset or BPM during gameplay, I prompt will appear at the end of the stage or course asking if you want to save changes. Chosing cancel will revert to the pre-modified values.
CHANGE: Life meters graphics are now part of the theme system
CHANGE: New Song Option: Choose Oni life battery or normal life meter
BUG FIX: Life Bar no-recover and sudden death options now work.
BUG FIX: Select Difficulty arrow no longer messed up on early input
BUG FIX: Fixed scoring inaccuracies in Oni
NEW FEATURE: Endless, next to Oni Nonstop
BUG FIX: Inaccurate earned Chaos radar values fixed
BUG FIX: Score multiplier now based on note number and not current combo size. This change causes higher, but MAX2-accurate scores.
NEW FEATURE: KSF file reading. Just drop the KSF folders into a group folder.
NEW FEATURE: Pump It Up support
NEW FEATURE: Life Difficulty option - this option determines how much the life meter changes when steps are judged. This option corresponds to Difficulty in DDR Arcade machines.
CHANGE: Old difficulty option renamed to Judge Difficulty.
NEW FEATURE: MenuInput option. Setting this option to "USE ONLY DEDICATED MENU BUTTONS" will allow the menus to be controlled only by the buttons mapped to MenuLeft, MenuRight, etc. This is useful if you have a controller with buttons that can be dedicated to controlling the menus (like a DDR arcade cabinet). Also, using only dedicated menu buttons will allow you to enter codes at the Select Music screen using the dance panels.
NEW FEATURE: Random background movies. Put a bunch of movies in RandomMovies and change the BackgroundMode setting in Game Options to "RANDOM MOVIES".
CHANGE: Made folders for DWI-style CDTitles and DWI-style Music.
BUG FIX: Fixed more HoldNote drawing ugliness.
BUG FIX: Hidden and Sudden now work with Reverse.
BUG FIX: Group names are now correct when using the SongFolders option
BUG FIX: No longer crashes in Select Group with > 15 groups
NEW FEATURE: PlayerOptions and SongOptions displays on the Select Music screen.
BUG FIX: Extra stage actually works! Props to Bruno for all of his help with this. You can manually specify extra stage 1 and 2 by creating a .CRS files in the group folder called and These courses must contain exactly one valid song. Don't forget to specify modifiers - see the CRS File Format section in the readme for more information. If a CRS file is not found or is invalid, the program will choose appropriate Song/Notes/Options.
BUG FIX: Browsing past a song that don't have notes for some Difficulties will not change your preferred difficulty.
BUG FIX: TurnMirror, TurnLeft, and TurnShuffle now work. TurnRight does the same thing is as TurnLeft temporarily.
NEW FEATURE: Demonstration plays after sitting idle at title screen.
CHANGE: Note Skins can now control both the tap tween colors and hold tween colors with the files "(ButtonName) Tap.colors" and "(ButtonName) Tap.colors".
CHANGE: Tap colors now interpolated for smoother color animation.
CHANGE: Tweaked Drunk for a more interesting effect.


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