StepMania 3.9 StepMania 3.9 Alpha 10a (PNM Test) - Change Log

Step'n Music Test 1 This release is essentially Alpha 10, with a couple of added features, as such it shares essentially the same changelog. If you are not interested in the PNM gametype, please stick with Alpha 10 until a next major Alpha release appears, and do the usual bug reporting for Alpha 10, and not Alpha 10a. However, the focus on this release is the PNM Gametype. Please only discuss issues concerning the PNM gametype at the DDRManiaX Forums ( in the relevant topic. PNM Gametype:
Test1 Features:
- 9 key and 5 key style play
- BMS file format supported, but no-keysounded only.
- 2D Character System Known Problems:
- Only 'normal' style of play will work, Expert and ONI are considered broken until a future release.
- Extra stages contain problems concerning DDR gametype modifiers
- If you are using profiling, the games default modifiers will not enable correctly.
- Editor screen displays graphics which confuse as to the true position the user is within the simfile. Not in this release (things to come!)
- Character Rival System (which will show your rival on the stage screen instead of your own character)
- True pop'n style name entry screen.
- Ojamas
- Expert Mode support
- ONI!! Mode support.
- Party Mode support.
- Challenge Mode support
- Proper pn-esque song rating system
- Various theme corrections / additions.