StepMania 3.9 StepManiaX V11 - Change Log

What's New :

- JPEG files work now

- Changing screens not randomly crash anymore.
This was caused by an out-of-memory error because, by default, the current screen objects are not freed before loading the new screen objects when backing out. I'm not sure why this is not enabled by default, and why there is no way to configure it in the menus, but it may be because it's buggy.
I guess we'll soon find out. :)

- Characters now work. If you want to use Characters, download the following
file and put it in your "PACKAGES" directory:

That file contains a set of "bones" that is required for some older character sets to work.

- Added controls for menu navigation on all other games types (including Pump)
If you already switched to Pump mode and cannot control the menus anymore, then delete the e:\saves\stepmaniax\keymaps.ini file. You will have to configure the input to your liking on the Options screen.

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